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Character Name: Yoni


Gender: Male

Portrayed By:

Wilmer Valderrama

First Appearance:

Fire with Fire

"Yoni thinks I'm constipated? Yes, he does."
—Noah and Jill Werner, Fire with Fire

Yoni was Dallas Royce's latin lover. He is portrayed by Wilmer Valderrama.


In the episode "Fire with Fire" Yoni finds love with Dallas Royce after she finalises her divorce. He tells her to wear white, because it is the color of positivity. George is jealous of Yoni because Yoni and Dallas start making out in Dallas's crystal shop when George is there to install lights. Dallas and Jill Werner become friends when Dallas talks about Yoni, and Jill considers divorcing Noah to be with Dallas and Yoni. Yoni says that he can make people calm with his hands, but that he can't do help Jill because Noah Werner, Jill's husband, is causing too much stress. Though Yoni is from Guatemala, he often comments about "the winter in Romania."