"I don't like to eat alone."
—Steven Royce, The Casino Trip
Steven Royce
Character Name: Steven Royce


Dallas Royce (ex-wife), Dalia Royce (daughter)
Gender: Male

Portrayed By:

Jay Mohr

First Appearance:


Steven Royce was the husband of Dallas Royce but is divorced because he is having an affair with an unknown woman.


It is unknown what kind of job Steven has, but he makes a lot of money. He is by far the richest person in Chatswin. His first appearance, in the episode "Halloween", depicts him in perfect condition, but the tension between himself and Dallas is obvious.

In "The Casino Trip", he is found having dinner with a young woman who is not known to any of the other characters, and his excuse for this liason is that he does not "like to eat alone". He tells George Altman to tell Dallas that he is still at work, even though he is in a casino. Later, he arrives at their apartment with two prostitutes.

In "Sex and the Suburbs" Javier is collecting clothing for the laundry and Dallas empties out various pockets. Dallas tells Javier "let's see if we can find any more tip money" and rifles through the pockets of one of Steven's work suits. Instead of coins she finds huge, pink see-through panties, and that is the last straw. Dallas later files for divorce from Steven after having a talk with her lawyer, and the neighbourhood is shocked by this seemingly rare occurence.