Lisa Marie Shay
Character Name: Lisa Marie Shay


Sheila Shay (mother)
Fred Shay (father)
Ryan Shay (adopted brother)
Malik LeFrique (husband)
Gender: Female

Portrayed By:

Allie Grant

First Appearance:



Lisa Shay is a social outcast who is constantly teased at Chatswin High School by her fellow students because of her unpopularity and slight appearance.

Lisa Shay deals with abuse from her mother Sheila. Though Sheila never physically abuses Lisa, she does small things like taking away Lisa's dessert, Sheila apparently thinking Lisa is overweight. She also went to measures as drastic as taking Lisa's pet cat, Mr. Whiskers, away and putting him up for adoption. To get back at her mother for slashing her down, she stole Sheila's collection of antique Shirley Temple dolls. ("Don't Call Me Shirley").

She is also made fun of by her brother Ryan Shay, who called her a lesbian in "The Barbeque" and Dalia Royce, Kimantha, Kenzie and Kaitlin, who teased Lisa in "Pilot", saying she has a full-grown moustache while Ryan does not, which is false.

She either has a strong love and passion for potato chips or rather a sick obsession, as revealed in "The Barbeque", though she states she has will-power, as she avoids the chips knowing she will either break out, get dehydrated and/or have diaherria. She states this to compare that Tessa should have will-power with her brother Ryan.

She is friends with Tessa Altman and Malik. She used to be friends with Misty, who shared Lisa's same homeroom and same love of pastel sweaters. Misty shed her glasses had Lasik eye surgery performed on her, which led her to start hanging out with Dalia, Kenzie, Kaitlin and Kimantha; wearing velour sweat suits with high heels; saying the word "redonk" and visiting Mr. Wolfe's office. Lisa and Misty grew apart after this.


Lisa is a quiet intellect, who doesn't rebel against her parents very often. She is seen as the "sidekick" to Tessa Altman. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

Lisa Shay has a plain, slight appearance. She has a pale complexion and is slightly short for her age and has an oval face with baby fat cheeks topped by a tangle of mousey dirty blonde hair. She enjoys to wear simple clothing including pastel sweaters or shirts with tacky, colorful cartoon patterns including animals or mushrooms.

In Season 3, she seemed to have lost some weight. Her hair though naturally curly is not as curly as it was previously. Her clothing style has changed as well, she doesn't wear tacky clothing anymore, but opting for regular clothing like cardigans, and jeans. 



  • Lisa's middle name is Marie (Lisa Marie Shay)  
  • Her last name is possibly LeFrique due to her marriage to Malik.  
  • Lisa's favorite food is tuna and shells. 


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