Fred Shay
Character Name: Fred Shay


Sheila Shay (Wife)

Ryan Shay (Adopted Son)
Lisa Shay (Daughter)

Gender: Male

Portrayed By:

Chris Parnell

First Appearance:

The Barbecue

Fred Shay is married to Sheila Shay, and father to Lisa and Ryan Shay.


He is very finicky about everything and is on a short leash by his wife Sheila. They are "telepathically bonded" which was hard for Fred when he went to Atlantic City with Noah Werner and George Altman, when he told Sheila he was going to visit his dying aunt.

He has a horrible gambling problem, and he said "I love you guys but if you keep me from gambling I WILL SLASH YOUR FACES", and with this bond to Sheila, when he won $14,000 from gambling, he was so sad, he returned home, and said his Aunt died, and they have an "inheritance".


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