Character Name: Carmen


Gender: Female

Portrayed By:

Bunnie Rivera

First Appearance:

Independence Day

Carmen is Dallas' housekeeper, who is later hired by Noah. 

"I'm back bitchs."

Biography Edit

Carmen was orginally Noah's housekeeper and caretaker of Jenna Werner when she was younger. After Jenna grew up Noah decided to let Dallas hire her. But with the sudden arrival of his son Opus, Noah realized that he needed Carmen back in his life. That causes a fight between Dallas who insists that she needs Carmen to help with Dalia, and with Noah who argues that he needs Carmen to help him take care of Opus since his wife Jill Werner is never around. 

It is revealed later on that George gets Carmen back for Dallas, by putting her in a big box, and having her open her eyes, when Dalia opens the box on Christmas. 

Noah tells Carmen that he loves her in season 2, but she thinks that he wants her back as a housekeeper. He is later seen going to therapy with Dr. Bob. Dr. Bob then starts dating Carmen which makes Noah furious. He sabotaged their relationship by offering Dr. Bob a free teeth cleaning, only to sharpen his teeth into pointed fangs. 

So far Carmen is still in Dallas' employment, and she is still currently Dalia's nanny. 


  • Noah tries to tell Carmen that he loves her, but she rejects him, thinking that he was trying to get her back to work for him.